Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 The Year I Become....

This year I've decided that I'm not going to have some resolutions that won't end up completing although I have good intentions like learn a new language, start going to the gym, eat more healthy and so on. I have two things that I want to start from today and one of them is what the above picture is showing. I want to get an empty jar and anytime anything good happens throughout the year large or small, I will write about in on a piece of paper and put it into the jar. When it comes to New Years Eve 2014 I will open it up and read them all. I'm betting that it will make me smile and remind me of even the small things that made me smile and happy throughout the year that I may have forgotten about.

The other thing I want to accomplish throughout the year is keeping a calendar diary. I've bought one of these at the start of the last few years and when I've gotten to February it's someone in my room forgotten about. I don't want that to happen this year, I want to write down all the dates from when I'm working, when I have the dentist to when I finishing and starting college again right down the to times if needs must. This year I want to be more organised and I'm hoping this will help me.

Another thing I want to do this year is be myself more and not care what people think. I don't want to stop and think about what the persons opinion will be of me when I've carried something out, whether it be a action or something I say. I hope this year will be the year I become more true to myself.

Have you got any resolutions for the new year? Are any of you doing the memory jar?

Image from Weheartit and credit to the photographer.


  1. The idea with the jar is amazing! I might try it. Happy new year!


  2. Such a lovely idea! :)

    Charlotte xx