Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Review : Garnier Summer Body Lotion

                           Currently £2.54 in Superdrug. £5.09 normally.

As I'm very pale I decided that now that spring is slowly approaching in the uk that I needed some colour on my skin. I've tried many 'sun kissed look' tanning lotions before and most of the time I've turned out slightly orange and streaky. So when buying this product I thought it was going to be the same, but with the result I was shocked.

I chose the 'light sun-kissed look' when buying this (there is also a dark version for those naturally darker people) and even after one application there is a small visible result of colour, now this lotion colour is gradual so over time you can choose when to stop or when you have enough colour.
I have very fussy skin and can only use butter to moisturise it as lotion doesn't work for me, but this product is an exception. This product does great for my skin, it really moisturises it well, with adding some colour.
This product really does do what it says on the bottle 'gradually builds a natural looking sun kissed tan' and 'effective 12 hours moisturisation.' To make it even better for your skin it's even got extracts of apricot in and has a really nice smell.
I have even recommended this product to my mum and she's loved it and I recommend everyone to try it out you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Just bought this! I hope it works just as well for me :)
    Issy x