Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dead Lovely By Helen Fitzgerald

The Blurb:

When Krissie joins her best friend, Sarah, on a walking holiday in the Scottish Highlands, it seems like the peaceful balm they both need. But peace turns to betrayal when Krissie seduces Sarah's husband, Kyle - and it isn't long before betrayal turns to murder . . .

My Opinion:
Where I picked this book up from I can't remember, but I'm so glad I did. Being a hopeless romantic when it comes to a book and loving a good mystery program I thought this would be a good mix of the two and how right I was. I have to say the quote from the Sunday Telegraph sold the book to me more than the blurb did. This book can be so far fetched you're sitting there like 'what?' but it also has the makings of a CSI episode. Killing someone for love, makes relationships all that bit more interesting. This book is fast paced and if you had a free day could be easily read within it. I didn't want to put it down out of curiosity with what will happen next, great plot twists which you didn't see coming. 

The main reason this book got a 3 1/2 * is for 2 reasons, the writing style is definitely aimed at a younger audience, which I am so that's great with me, but I feel this book could be so much better if the style was slightly tweaked. The other reason is for how far fetched it is, at times it doesn't even seem real or even in the same story and you could've just switched over to a slasher book.
Apart from that if you love the two main genres of this book, give it a good and i'm sure you'll love it.

Rating: *** 1/2
Release Year: 2006

Bookcover image and blurb are from Goodreads.

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